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We have a Cruvinet Machine to pour wines by the glass. This Machine uses nitrogen to preserve the wine, allowing us to sell 28 properly preserved wines by the glass or taste.

We have the lowest Restaurant wine prices around. You can also have any wine in our Wine Shop served in our Restaurant for the shelf price, plus $5.95. A bottle of wine that would cost you $60.00 in most other restaurants would cost you $32.95 or less in our Restaurant. With our advertised specials, you can pay $12.95 for a bottle that would cost you $30.00 in other restaurants.

To best experience the taste and bouquet of a fine wine, you need to have a good wine glass that is the right size and shape. All of our wines are served in Riedel Glasses, selected for the specific type of wine being served. These glasses make a huge difference when compared to the less expensive glasses used in most restaurants and wine bars.

In Addition to our Traditional Deli Fare, we have an excellent selection of Charcuterie and Artisanal Cheeses to accompany your wine.

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